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Dinky Toys 3e Newsboy figure

Pictured left is a pre war Dinky Toys 3e Newsboy (running) produced c.1932-39, this is the larger figure (40mm) and not to be confused with the post war version which is slightly smaller at 35mm.



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Dinky Toys 70e and 732 Gloster Meteor

Pictured left is Dinky Toy No.732 Gloster Meteor

The first flight of the Gloster Meteor took place in March 1943 and upon being fitted with a Rolls Royce Welland engine gave a top speed of  410 mph and flying range of 500 miles. It became fully operational in July 1944 with the RAF 616 Squadron.

Dinky Toys introduced their 70e Gloster Meteor in 1946-49 and in 1952 reissued/renumbered the model 732. Early versions have a blued cockpit and have larger roundels than the later issue. Both issues came in trade boxes of 6

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Dinky Toys 28 & 280 Series Delivery Van – Pickfords

Pictured is a very rare 1st type Dinky Toys 28b Delivery Van in blue Pickords livery which recently sold for £1800. This is the 1st type version cast in lead (and prone to fatigue) and is easily identified by its two piece casting.

Three casting variations of the 28 & 280 Series Delivery Vans exist, explained as follows:

1933-35 (1st Type) – two piece lead cast model; either HORNBY SERIES  or DINKY TOYS cast inside the cab roof, square diamond pattern tin plate radiator, brightly plated or coloured solid metal wheels. Measures 84mm

1935-39 (2nd Type) – one piece diecast model, vertical ridge shield shape radiator, smooth wheel hubs usually with white tyres, In general all 2nd type models show advertising. Measures 81mm

1939-41 (3rd type) – one piece diecast model, impressed squares within radiator, open rear windows, smooth wheel hubs usually with black tyres. In general all 3rd type versions show advertising. Measures 83mm

1947-54 (3rd type) – slight variation from above, the same one piece diecast model, impressed squares within radiator but with closed rear windows, ridged black wheel hubs with black tyres. No advertising. Measures 83mm

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Corgi and Dinky Code 1 Code 2 and Code 3 definitions

We have been asked on numerous occasions to explain the difference between Code 1, 2 & 3 models. Here is the recognised explanation:

Code 1 – Standard catalogue and/or promotional models that are factory produced and have any advertising/promotional decals applied in the factory.

Code 2 – Models that are used for promotional purposes but advertising/promotional decals are applied outside the factory by a 3rd party.

Code 3 – Models that are adapted from an original factory made model (i.e. colour change) by a 3rd party and have advertising/promotional decals applied by said 3rd party.

The picture shows Code 1 example of a rare Dinky 410 Bedford Van for John Gay

The picture shows Code 1 example of a rare Dinky 410 Bedford Van for John Gay