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Corgi Gift Set 30 Grand Prix Kit Set

Released in 1973 this very limited set was only available by mail order for a twelve period during which time only 10,000 sets were produced plus 3,000 for the U.S. market so finding a mint boxed example is very difficult. The set comprised 3 individual unassembled kits each with 10-12 body parts, screws and decal sheet within their own unique box. Each part could be screwed together to make a finished model.

Included with the set:

  • Outer card box covered in cellophane with window area displaying a completed Surtees racing car in the unique U.S. Norris Team livery
  • 3 individually boxed racing car kits (including screws & decal sheet); Surtees TSP, Yardley McLaren and JPS.
  • Screwdriver
  • 3 plastic race officials and approximately 20 red/yellow plastic bollards (supplied in a plastic bag).

The supporting image shows the two of the three made up kits with the pre built Norris that go with this set together with correct race officials & bollards.

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