A Who’s Who in the Industry

By Ray Strutt and David Wright

White_metal_frontThis 276-page book represents a four year project of passion which commenced in 2008 during a conversation at a toy fair between the authors. Together, they bring 60 years of collecting experience to the task, and have assembled the personal stories of over 160 pattern makers, mould makers, casters, builders, producers and retailers. From the pioneers of the late 1950s to the large scale producers of later years, they track the fortunes of the white metal industry. From a store of over 600 images, they have selected many colour pictures never seen before. The content is absorbing for anyone remotely interested in knowing how the white metal hobby came together. ModeleX, the 1990s show which brought together enthusiasts from all over the world, has a chapter of its own, and elsewhere unique connections between those featured are uncovered.

This is a definitive work on the history of white metal models and a must for the collector’s bookshelf.

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